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Bayernwald, located at 40 m above sea level, was of high military-strategic value. Having a good view over the front line was an important asset. That way, it was easier to point the cannons accurately and to defend one's positions. This explains why French and Bavarian soldiers were engaged in a fierce battle for possession of this site. The Germans won, and since, the place has been called Bayernwald. From 1914 until the summer of 1917, they made their "Bayernwald" into a fortress, impossible to capture. What can be seen today constitutes but 10 % of what it was in 1917. 

Free entrance Bayernwald: Sunday 13th of September 2015
On this day Bayernwald trenches can be free visited from 10:00 untill 18:00. There is also a guide available who can give you some more information.

Closing days Bayernwald:

- Closed because of the hunting
Each year, there are some closing days for safety reasons because of the hunting season in the wood nearby Bayernwald.
This is the list of these official hunting days:

  • Saturday 15 August 2015
    Friday 21 August 2015
    Friday 28 August 2015
    Friday 11 September 2015
    Saturday 19 September 2015
    Saturday 26 September 2015
    Saturday 7 November 2015
    Saturday 14 November 2015
    Saturday 5 December 2015
    Saturday 27 December 2015
    Saturday 9 January 2016

- Always closed on the 1st and 2nd of January and on 25th and 26th of December.

Bayernwald is open from 9 - 18 o'clock

Please buy your tickets on beforehand at the Tourist Office, Polenlaan 1, 8950 Heuvelland (Kemmel). You can find the tourist office here. The parking spots for coaches and the bus stop is also marked on this map.
Attention! the opening hours for the Tourist Office are not the same as the opening hours of Bayernwald, please check the opening hours on the home page of this website.

€ 4 per person - € 2.50 per person for groups of at least 20 persons - € 1 per person for people younger than 26 years.